Marketing & advertising go hand in hand and having been around for the last two decades it has helped us get a grip on the market trends. Thereby being able to complement our client’s decisions in formulating effective strategies.


Size does matter but so does the ‘Locust ’ approach. With seconds to spare on this medium we devise innovative OOH campaigns that captivate the essence of a show stopper.


Giving birth to a new entity that will represent its core values and thereby be recognized in time to come is what we offer. Keeping abreast with the changing trends we cater to the industry norms and bring out the true significance of our client’s business.


Fun, interesting, engaging and yet responsive platforms are the ingredients we blend in to make the social media very effective.


The future of marketing and a part of our progression, we endeavor to offer a one-stop solution from Web based to mobile applications, from E-commerce to SEM and integration that encompasses the objectives seamlessly.


The audible arm of marketing requires a show stopper script backed by an informative message - an ideal mix that we cater to.


Been there, done that and yet doing it, everyday – energetically. For every day is a new beginning and our core value is now embedded in our bloodstream.


No we don’t do things differently, nor do we do different things – we simply think creatively and the rest follows.


Eye catching or simply in-the-face POS/ Retail presence is what we try to achieve given the limitations of space and time frames.


With the backing of a renowned media house we are able to offer competitive prices with analytics that comprise in offering effective strategies.


The 30 second window, the idiot box and the giant screen – all thirst for that entertaining value that delivers the message and yet leaves a lasting impression with our audience. A mix we edit with a strong script and production value to compliment it.

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